Drug Recovery — Aftercare

Addiction Aftercare Plan

When you have gone through withdrawals and have had a successful and safe recovery, you will want to ensure that you do not relapse. Our dedicated staff is going to be there throughout your recovery and that includes when you feel well enough to go back to your normal environment and start living your life again. We know that many people will feel that they have the control they need to avoid relapse, but we want you to have all of the resources and support available so that you don’t find yourself giving in to peer pressure and temptation.

What Is an Aftercare Program?

An aftercare program is a specific plan that will be designed for you to help you prevent relapsing. Being supervised by a supportive staff and staying on the right track is important to your complete recovery, as well as being around people who have been through a situation that is similar to yours. Our addiction aftercare plan is designed to help you continue on your path to sobriety.

What Is Aftercare Treatment?

There are going to be many addiction aftercare programs that you will be able to choose from, and in many cases, the first step will be residential aftercare. You will gain support at all hours that you need and will be able to have social visits, more freedom, and more social responsibilities. If you are confident that you are ready to move on but not in your previous environment, you will have options such as outpatient addiction aftercare and halfway houses.

What Is an Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program?

An intensive addiction aftercare plan is going to be vital to your recovery and so that you stay on the path to a sober life. You will be able to live your daily life, but you will continue to get treatment for drug and alcohol abuse and other health issues that you may suffer from such as depression. You will meet with therapists and support groups as well. Do not put off this very important phone call that will be part of your recovery and changing your life for the better. Our mission is to be a solution for you and your family so that you can be social and free again.